Participant Code of Conduct

Every spectator, player, club member, official, participant, administrator, coach, parent or member of the community involved with Highvale Netball Club (HNC), should work to ensure:

  • Inclusion of every person regardless of their age, gender or sexual orientation.
  • Inclusion of every person regardless of their race, culture or religion.
  • Opportunities for people of all abilities to participate in netball and develop to their full potential.
  • Respect is shown towards others, the club and the broader community.
  • A safe and inclusive environment for all.
  • Elimination of violent and abusive behaviour.
  • Protection from sexual harassment or intimidation.

Highvale Netball Club is a friendly club which thrives on the encouragement and support of team officials, players, parents and spectators / supporters alike.  We are very proud of the enthusiasm, conduct and behaviour of our extended netball community.  The Club has Player and Coaches Code of conduct so that the expectations of the netball community are clear and so that the games can be enjoyed by everyone.

Below are the Parent, Player and Coaches Code of Conduct. Please read the relevant document for you.

Both forms need to be read and agreement to the code of conduct recorded when registering with My Netball each season. No registration will be processed without this agreement.


I Will:

Participate because I enjoy playing netball.

Ensure I know all the rules and play within them at all times.

Participate in a fair and safe manner.

Accept all umpiring decisions without argument or bad temper.

Conduct myself in a responsible manner relating to language, temper and punctuality.

Co-operate with my coach/s and other players, treating others as I would wish to be treated.

Ensure at all times that my behaviour is fair.

Always be supportive of and patient with my fellow team mates.

Be a responsible member of my team by being on time to training and matches, attending all training sessions and always wearing appropriate clothing, including footwear.

Respect and acknowledge the contribution of those who create the opportunity for me to play. This includes volunteer coaches, scorers and team managers.


I Will:

Encourage my child to participate in Netball.

Focus on my child’s efforts and performance rather that the overall outcome of a game.

Teach my child that an honest effort is as important as victory.

Encourage my child to always play according to the rules.

Never ridicule or yell at any person for making a mistake or losing a game.

If I disagree with a Coaching decision, I will raise the issue directly with the senior coach, team manager, coaching co-ordinator or the Club Executive rather than question the coach’s judgment and honesty in public.

Be a model of good sportsmanship for children to copy.

Support all efforts to remove physical and verbal abuse.

Support the use of age appropriate development activities and modified rules.

Be courteous in communication with administrators, coaches, players and umpires and teach children to do likewise.

Recognise and respect the value and importance of volunteer administrators, coaches and umpires. They give up their time and resources to provide recreational activities for players and deserve my support.


I agree to:

Treat all players with respect at all times. Be honest and consistent with them.

Promote a climate of mutual support amongst my players. Encourage all players to respect one another regardless of their level of play.

Encourage and facilitate players’ independence and responsibility for their own behaviour, performance, decisions and actions.

Provide feedback to players in a caring manner sensitive to their needs. Avoid overly negative feedback.

Refrain from any form of personal abuse towards players or their parents.

Ensure that all tasks, training methods, equipment and facilities are safe and suitable for age, experience, ability and physical and psychological conditions of the players.

Ensure all time spent with the coach is a positive experience. Provide training and opportunities that ensure everybody has a reasonable chance to succeed, develop skills and confidence.

Set challenges for players that are achievable and motivating.

Act as a role model at all times, promoting the positive aspects of sport and maintaining the highest standards of personal conduct.

Respect and accept the role of officials. Know and abide by netball rules and encourage players to do likewise.


Unfortunately, on occasion, disputes / conflicts occur.  The club has zero tolerance to any breach of the code of behaviour and has a policy in place should such incidences occur:

The HNC committee encourages all disputes / conflicts to be dealt with immediately they occur at player/umpire / coach / team manager level.   Typically disputes / conflict occur due to a misunderstanding or lack of effective communication.  This confusion can generally be cleared up once all parties have all relevant information.  In the instance that resolution is not achieved, steps shall be taken as per the constitution sections “Disputes and Mediation” or “Discipline, Suspension and Expulsion of Members”.


There may be circumstances, however, where the breach to the Code of Behaviour is very severe.  In these instances, and to address these issues with haste, the HNC Committee reserves the right to determine an appropriate response based on the facts gathered and presented to them, without adhering to the above procedure.


Policy effective from July 2017